Congress & Events


Through our experience and our close relationship with market, either with the hotel industry , with suppliers and even with government agencies and tourism , we ensure that the Compass Brazil is the best option to operate your event.

To choose Compass Brazil as the official travel agency of an event is to have guaranteed exclusive service and differentiated conditions for participants.

Get to know our services and start planning your next event!


Hotel selection | Fare negotiation | Bookings

ROM the choice of the hotels most appropriate to the profile of each event to the negotiation and execution of reservations, Compass Brazil works to ensure the most competitive market rates and the best service to guests.

Air transport

Market research | Fare negotiation | Bookings

Always attentive to changes in air services supply, the team studies all alternatives in search of better conditions for participants, the organizing committee and their guests.

Participant care

Personalized service | VIP service | 24h service | Chat

In order to ensure unforgettable experiences, the staff remains available to participants from the planning to the completion of each event, ensuring fast and effective responses. It also operates in supporting VIP guests at no additional cost to the organization.

Tourist Activities

Local tours | Domestic tours | Hospitality Desk at the site of the event

A service center is set up at the venue to market tours in the host city or other tourist destinations, and offers additional support with local information, confirmation of flights and changing reservations.

Reception and Shuttle Service

Reception at the airport | Shuttle Service | Shuttle service during the event

Since his arrival at the airport, with signposting for the event, and specialist staff, the daily commute to the participants, the goal is to ensure quality and timeliness in transportation and transportation in general. For VIP guests, there is also the option of special service and differentiated vehicles.

Social Events

Special projects | Decoration | Catering | Human resources | Music attractions | Promotional material and personalized giveaways

To make each event unique, Compass Brazil develops projects for themed parties, classic or modern, coordinating all aspects of logistics and services necessary for their realization.

Online Advertising

Internet page of the event | Applications and reservations online

A dedicated website provides all the information about each event, plus a link to their official website. In a single connection, the participant may request their registration, hotel reservation, air, transfers, tours and excursions.